Friday, November 14, 2008

Why I write a lot of critical comments

You may notice that I write a lot more negative things than positive things. Why? Well, I guess I like to try to make games better rather than just accept them the way they are. And analyzing negative points is more interesting than analyzing positive points. The positive points often boil down to “this feature was done correctly”, which isn’t too exciting to write. And the positive points are often fairly obvious, as they are the selling point of the game, while the negative points have to been hunted down and exposed. And the bad points need to be analyzed so I can determine how to fix them; the good points don’t need changing. Also, if I like the basic design of a game, I see it as “basically good with bad points” rather than “basically bad with good points”, so I want to enumerate the bad points. So I write more about the bad points of games I basically like. If I dislike the game, I don’t play it very often!

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