Thursday, January 22, 2009

Comments on my rules posts

With regards to the rules that I post, these are generally "expert-level" rules that involve some extra bookkeeping in return for an improved play experience. On my blog, I have the advantage of being able to publish rules that might be too advanced for direct inclusion into a mass-market game. I try to make the rules as easy to use as possible given the constraints of what I'm trying to achieve. But I'm very good with numbers and bookkeeping, so it isn't always easy for me to determine how difficult it will be for others to use the rules until I get playtesting comments.

Feel free to post general comments on the rule directly under the blog entry, even though I didn't put the text of the rule directly into the blog. The blog comments have more visibility to casual readers and news feeds.

I was wondering if I should add the following disclaimer:

WARNING: Designer’s Notes describe how the rules really work, including flaws in the game and how the rules can be exploited. Some people may find that they enjoy the game better if they don't know these details, much like the way that a placebo treatment only feels good if you don't know it is a placebo.

Certainly I myself find that I have less patience playing with bad game rules when I know that they are bad, I know how I could abuse them, and I know how they can be fixed. But of course I have a passion for understanding how things really work, and I couldn't fix the rules if I didn't understand what was going on underneath.

I suppose this disclaimer is irrelevant, though, since if you didn't want to know exactly how game rules worked, you wouldn't be reading a game design blog!

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