Monday, October 6, 2008

Specific Playtest Results

Since I had a comment on my ratings, I thought I'd share my playtest results so far using Keep on the Shadowfell.

This shows the encounter, the listed encounter level, then my estimated actual encounter level. Setup is (+) or (-) if the terrain, positioning, timing, and such are in one side's favor or the other. Tactics are (-) if the listed monster tactics seem significantly disadvantageous for them. Playtest results are how I felt after the battle, according to my scale in the previous blog. A3 is one fight in two waves, so for interest I evaluated each wave. I then just guessed how strong the total encounter would be.

Encounter / Listed / Est / Setup / Tactics /Playtest Results
Initial /1 / 1 / / - / Easy
A1 / 2 / 3 / / /Moderate to Hard
A2 / 1 / 2 / /-/ Easy to Moderate
A3 1st wave / / 1
A3 2nd wave / / 3
A3 overall / 6 / 4 / / /Very Hard

(my table looked nice in the editor - oh well, not enough time to fix it properly)

To give more specific results of costs in terms of surges per character, AP, and daily powers:
Initial - surges used 1/1/1/0/1
A1 - surges used 1/3/1/3/2, plus 4 AP, no dailies (probably a mistake not to use any)
A2 - surges used 1/2/2/1/1
A3 - surges used 3/2/3/1/2, 5 AP spent, all dailies spent

So the fights were a tad easier than I estimated. But feel free to post the results of your own play results.

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